Hi, I’m Crystal

I’m a digital creative dedicated to telling stories in the travel/hospitality, real estate/interiors, and consumer lifestyle spaces.

crystal apple

how it all began…

I’ve always had a love affair with Real Estate and Interior Design. So much so that I became a Realtor and took classes in Interior Design. I hoped to start a business helping people find their dream homes and then help them decorate them, too.

However, it didn’t take long before I realized I didn’t love working with clients on the Real Estate or Interior Design side of things…

I enjoyed creating content way more than driving around town to show properties.

So, I did the next best things – I started a copywriting and content marketing businesses dedicated to the people who make houses homes.

And as they say, “the rest is history”.

on a personal note…

I come from the South where one of our biggest debates is if you should put sugar or salt in grits (spoiler alert – I use both)

My favorite animal is a sloth, but if you ask me to hold one I’ll probably run.

I am a huge Star Trek fan and use to go to Star Trek conventions as a little kid – live long and prosper

I like my cereal mushy – the mushier the better (no, I’m not a serial killer)